In short, we are opening a gallery.

In long, we stumbled upon the most fabulous space in the entire world and within a week it was ours. The strangest thing is that we feel like we have been planning this for years. And in a way we have, we just didn’t know exactly what we were planning for. For the first time the space and the idea were feasible. As many of you know we tend to be pretty extreme and think on a big scale. So when we found 3000 square feet of space downtown that could be all ours whenever we wanted and to do whatever we wanted with it, the ideas started hemorrhaging and haven’t stopped. There are tons of creative minds in Stillwater that need a creative space and that is what we are striving to offer. Projectgallery will provide space to create, inspire, share and grow. As far as creating goes, we have ample space that we are willing and want to share. For example, if you think big and need 15ft ceilings to construct your vision, we will to work to make that happen. If your having trouble with a project, we want to provide the space you need to get your ideas flowing. We want projectgallery to be known as an atmosphere where people come to breathe in the creativity and to be inspired. In no way is the projectgallery limited to the artsy fartsy crowd. When its not being used for a project, it will be providing a gallery to showcase students, faculty, and up and coming artists. At this point in our lives our resources and connections to such a wide spectrum of people are two things that will make this space really thrive. If you want to do something please ask we are extremely open. On one hand, even through we are college students; this is going to be a legitimate gallery. On the other hand, we are college students, so we are approachable and extremely flexible. At the risk on sounding corny, this is our dream. But we need you to make it work. If you give this a chance, we are confident you will see our vision too.



oh and another thing about FLOWmarket

Great minds think alike. For the first time ever, I have not only thought of real, feasible new years resolutions, but almost two months in, I haven't faulted. The first is boring, it deals with a budget and boring blah blah blah(but I have kept to it). The other two are really easy but they are important, and everyone should make themselves at least try them. No plastic bags from any store, bring your own or carry your items without. EASY. Second, no plastic water bottles. Carry a nalgene, use a cup, use the water fountain..EASY. 

FLOWmarket feels the same way..and tells you in helvetica...as it should be.

FLOWmarket=the bomb

Nothing bad to say about flow market's design. It rocks. I want everything on this website, but i guess that would defeat the purpose of FLOWmarket..bummmmer.

"FLOWmarket is a shop designed to inspire consumers to think, live and consume more holistic. The core of FLOWmarket is thescarcity goods collection where present imbalances from the 3 FLOW dimensions (individual, collective and environmental flow) have been adressed and transformed into physical products. Scarcity goods products in the shape of aesthetically designed (empty) packings with humorous and thought awakening prints that consumers can buy in the venueshops or via the online shop...Photography by Niclas Jessen. (niclasjessen.dk) Website by Jonas Delfs." -acidolatte

Hayley sucks at blogging right now,

You dddon't see this stuff everyday, thanks Marcel Steger

I was told to check this stuff out by a friend who thought I would dig it. And they were right on. There is some really interesting stuff by Marcel Steger..click here to see more of his stuff. 
Temporarily dreadlocked,


more from Hedi Slimane

A few of the newer photos from Slimane's online diary..

mirrors and bikes

the guidelines: 24 hours to make a video, no longer than 5 minutes. then they gave us a theme: "ill be your mirror". then they gave us a prop we had to use, a ball of twine. and a line of dialogue we had to use "you press the button, we'll do the rest"

so this is what we came up with. the quality of youtube videos isnt very good at all.



We are currently in the last hours of a 24 hour video race for Tulsa Living Arts. It started at midnight last night and has to be in their hands by midnight tonight-which is not long from now. We'll be sure to post that asap. Should be interesting...


We haven't been blogging..

Yo yo yo-we need to apologize for our sudden lack of posting this past week. 

Something beyond fabulous began the night of the last post! And because of this, we have been very sidetracked. Stay tuned, something huge is in the mix. We will spill the news as soon as we can.

I feel ya little man