since then..

since the grand opening, we have had one other show and a film screening. the screening was of liz tabish's (a student at osu) the angle, a film noir. the gallery space proved itself as a great movie theater as well. you can check out the trailer here. dvds are available for sale at projectgallery. liz rocks. 

the stillwater artist coalition also put on a little shindig. the show was called "avante gaurd" (yesss, spelt that way) and had a fabulous turnout. there were multiple performers and lots of great people, art and music. again, just a few pictures to tease you until the website is up..

gallery opening

its been over a month since the last post, and we apologize. our lives have been a bit wild with the gallery opening etc. however, now it is summer. and we can breath. the opening was more fabulous than we could have imagined...the turn out was amazing and it meant a lot to see so many people showing their support. the gallery is now open, located at 715 south main street. this summer, we will be doing a lot of planning, organizing and scheduling, the things most people do before starting a business. so let us know asap if you have an idea for an event or for anything. we have a few shows planned already, more about that soon. we also are in the process of planning some children's art camps-if you are interested in that send us an email (projectgallery@mail.com). here are just a few pictures from the opening. thanks to the kind kind man named mat miller, we will soon have a fancy shmancy project gallery website, that will include many more photos, information and fun things. then this little blog will stop being congested with the information from the gallery...
surviving stillwater is much easier with a fun project.

staying up early,